# Purchasing Action Report by Part (MRP.R5)

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Form Details
Form Details

The MRP.R5 procedure is used to produce a listing of all the part numbers that the MRP process has determined require additional orders or the expedite of existing orders to cover requirements. The report is sorted in either category or part number sequence. A cutoff date is entered to indicate how far into the planning horizon the report should extend. The user may also select buyers, planners or categories to include.

Frequency of Use
As required.

The MRP generation process ( MRP.P1 ) must have been run.

Data Fields

Part.No The part number requiring action.
Description The first line of the description of the part number.
Mo.Usage The average monthly usage of the part number.
On.Hand The quantity of the part number that was on hand at the time the MRP generation process was run.
Required The quantity of the part number required through the cutoff date entered.
Proj.Bal The projected on hand balance as of the cutoff date.
On.Order The quantity of the part number already on order.
Rel.Date The date by which the order must be placed in order to meet the required date. This is based on the lead time of the part.
Req.Date The date on which an order must be received to meet the requirements.
Quantity The quantity that needs to ordered on the associated required date.
Total The total of all sugessted orders for the part number.
Unit.Cost The anticipated cost of the part number as defined in the POPRICE.E procedure.
Extended Cost The extension of the unit price and the total quantity required.

Version 8.10.57