# Production Reports and Inquiries

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CLOCKTIME.R1 Employee Time Clock Listing by Name
CLOCKTIME.R2 Employee Time Clock listing by Work Center
EMPTIME.R1 Employees Clocked-In
EMP.R1 Employee Listing by Name
EMP.R2 Employees with Active Jobs
EMP.R3 Non-Clocked in Employee Listing
LABOR.R1 Labor Transaction Listing by Date
LABOR.R2 Labor Transaction Listing for an Employee
LABOR.R3 Labor Transaction Listing for a Work Order
LABOR.R4 Labor Transaction Listing by Work Center
LABOR.R5 Summary Labor Posting Report
LABOR.R6 Labor Efficiency by Work Center
NCMR.R1 Noncomforming Material Report
NCMR.R2 NCMR Listing by Date
PICKER.L1 Print Picklist Labels
PICKER.R1 Print Work Order Picklists
PICKER.R2 Availability of Materials for a Work Order
PICKER.R3 Work Order Inventory Availability Listing with Order Data
ROUTING.R1 Routing Listing
SCRAP.Q Scrap Inquiry
SHORTS.R1 Shortage Listing by Part Number
SHORTS.R2 Shortage Expedite Listing by Part Number
SHORTS.R3 Listing of Shortages with an On Hand Balance
SHORTS.R4 Shortage Listing by Planner
SHORTS.R5 Shortage Listing by Sales Order
ST.R1 Shop Transaction Listing for a Date Range
ST.R2 Shop Transaction Listing for a Work Order
ST.R3 Shop Transaction Listing for a Work Center
WC.Q Work Center Inquiry
WC.R1 Work Center Listing
WO.L1 Print Work Order Assembly Labels
WO.Q Shop Floor Inquiry
WO.R1 Print Work Order Traveler
WO.R2 Summary Work Order Status Listing
WO.R3 Un-Released Work Order Listing
WO.R4 Work Order Dispatch List by Work Center
WO.R5 Costed Work Order Listing by Location
WO.R6 Finalized Work Order Listing by Location
WO.R7 Work Order Labor Variance Report
WO.R8 Work Order Listing by Required Date
WO.R9 Work Order Labor Earned by Period
WO.R10 Work Order Completion Performance Report
WOBOM.R1 Work Order Bill of Material Listing
WOINV.R1 Shortage Listing for a Work Order
WOINV.R2 Work Order Inventory Listing
WOMATL.R1 Work Order Material Adjustment Listing by Date
WOMATL.R2 Work Order Material Adjustments by Work Order
WOOP.R1 Work Order Outside Processing Adjustments by Date
WOOP.R2 Work Order Outside Processing Adjustments by WO
WOREG.R1 Work Order Register Listing by Date

Version 8.10.57