# Executive Summary Overview

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The Executive Business Summary, while not considered a separate module, retrieves information from other modules for the purpose of displaying summary financial and inventory data.

The EXEC.CONTROL procedure should be used to enter any control parameters and/or amounts from outside the system which are to be considered in the processing.

Data Files
There is one primary data file which maintains the data directly accessed by the EXEC.Q procedure.

The Executive file (EXEC) maintains one record for each date for which data is generated.

System Interface
Data is retrieved from the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, General Ledger, Marketing and Purchasing modules. The normal flow of activities in those modules generates data which is used by the EXEC.P1 procedure.

User Interface
The user interface to the module consists of a data entry procedure to enter control parameters and amounts external to the system which are to be considered. Access to these procedures is controlled by the user's security profile. Access to the batch procedure is usually restricted to use by only the system administrator since these are usually run overnight.

Setup Procedures
The EXEC.CONTROL procedure is the only setup process which may be performed prior to executing the EXEC.P1 process.

Flow of Activities
The information accessed, summarized and displayed in the EXEC.Q procedure is generated by each of the modules listed above. The EXEC.P1 procedure, when executed during the nighttime batch process, should be run after any batch posting or updating procedures in those modules.

Version 8.10.57