# Production Data Entry Procedures

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BAR.CONTROL Bar Code Procedure Parameters
EMP.E Enter Employee Records
EMPTIME.E Clock In/Clock Out
EMPTIME.E2 Clock Out
EMPTIME.E3 Start Job
EMPTIME.E5 Clock In (Supervisor)
EMPTIME.E6 Clock Out (Supervisor)
EMPTIME.E7 Supervisor Clock In for Multiple Employees
LABOR.CONTROL Enter Labor Function and Rate Codes
LABOR.E Enter Individual Labor Transactions
LABOR.E2 Enter Groups of Labor Transactions
LABOR.E3 Labor Transaction Reversal Procedure
MC.CONTROL Define the Manufacturing Calendar
NCMR.CONTROL NCMR Control Settings
NCMR.E Update NCMR Data
PICKER.E1 Modify Work Order Picklist Data
PICKER.E2 Enter Picklist Transactions
PICKER.E3 Secondary Picklist Pull Entry
QC.E Update QC Information
ROUTING.E Enter Routings
SHORTS.E2 Shortage Issue Screen
SHORTS.E Enter Shortage Information
ST.E Enter Individual Shop Transactions
ST.E2 Enter Groups of Shop Transactions
ST.E3 Enter Individual Work Order Completions
ST.E4 Enter Groups of Work Order Completions
ST.E5 Enter Work Completion Reversals
ST.E6 Bar Code Shop Movements
ST.E7 Bar Code Work Order Completions
ST.E8 Enter Shop Movement Reversals
WC.E Define Work Centers
WO.CONTROL Enter or Modify Production Defaults and Controls
WO.E Enter or Modify Work Orders
WO.E2 Finalize Work Orders
WO.E3 Dekit Work Orders
WO.E4 Work Order Release
WO.E5 Work Order Finalization Reversal Process
WOBOM.E Modify Work Order Bills of Material
WOMATL.E Adjust Work Order Material Dollars
WOOP.E Adjust Work Order Outside Processing Cost

Version 8.10.57