# Production Update Processes

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CLOCKTIME.P1 Purge Employee Clock Time History
EMPTIME.P1 Clock Out All Employees
EMPTIME.P2 End All Current Jobs
LABOR.P1 Purge Labor Records
PAYROLL.P1 Export Labor Postings to Payroll
PICKER.P1 Purge Work Order Picklist Records
ROUTING.P1 Reload Work Center Data into the Routings
ROUTING.P2 Routing Mass Update Procedure
WO.P1 Rebuild Work Order Cross-References
WO.P2 Purge Work Order Records
WO.P3 Finalize Closed Work Orders
WO.P4 Work Order Variance Posting
WO.P5 Mass Close Work Order Procedure
WO.P6 Reload Picker and Woinv Data
WO.P7 Work Order Labor Transfer
WOBOM.P1 Purge Work Order Bill of Material Records
WOINV.P1 Purge Work Order Inventory Records
WOMATL.P1 Purge Work Order Material Adjustment Records
WOOP.P1 Purge Work Order Outside Processing Records
WOREG.P1 Purge Work Order Registers
ST.P1 Purge Shop Transaction Records

Version 8.10.57