# Routing Entry (ROUTING.E)

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The ROUTING.E procedure is used to enter new routings into the routing file (ROUTING), change existing records and delete records from the file. The record ID of the routing is defined by the user but in many cases is assigned as the part number defining the assembly the routing is used on if the routing is used exclusively for that assembly.

The information contained in each record consists of operation numbers, work centers, descriptions, crew size, and the hours pertinent to each operation including pre-operation, post operation, setup and run hours.

If desired the user may create a new routing by loading the data from an existing record and making the appropriate changes. This is done by entering the ID of an existing routing at the "Load Routing" prompt when creating a new record.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Entry of work center records to be referenced in the routing ( WC.E ).

Version 8.10.57