# A/P Entry (AP.E)

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# Line Items

Li# Enter the line item number which will contain an item or items received from the vendor. For items received through the Purchasing module, line items will correspond to those on the receipt.

Part# Enter the part number ordered and received from the vendor. This, as well as all related information, is automatically loaded from the purchase order and receipt for those items received through the Purchasing module. This field is optional and can be left blank for items and/or services ordered for which there is no entry in the Parts file.

Description The description of the item being invoiced.

Unit/Measure If AP line item is associated to a purchase order, this field will default from the Purchase Order. Otherwise, the data will default from the PARTS file.

Conv Factor If AP line item is associated to a purchase order, this field will default from the Purchase Order. Otherwise, the data will default from the PARTS file.

Standard Cost This will default from the COST file.

Std.Lot.Size The field contains the standard lot size, as read from the Cost file when the receipt was posted.

Original Cost This is the original actual cost. This cost reflects the actual cost as it originally appeared on the AP item, before any changes.

Cost Group Enter the cost group which will be validated against INV.CONTROL . The cost group is used to define the costing method for this AP item.

Project Id If this AP line item is for a project, enter the project number. This will cause the costs associated with this AP line item to be added into the project costs.

Task Id Enter the task ID associated with the project for this AP line item. A lookup is provided to show all the tasks for the project.

Receipt Qty Enter the quantity received for this line item. This field is required in order to calculate the total extension amount. For invoices, enter this amount as a positive number. For debit memos, enter this number as a negative number.

Price Per If the vendor prices the material received based upon some grouping or packaging (e.g. .395 per thousand), enter that number here (e.g. 1000).

Actual Cost Enter the actual unit cost being charged as it appears on the invoice. This may differ from the cost on the purchase order, resulting in a purchase price variance. Whether an invoice or a debit memo, this cost is always entered as a positive number.

Foreign Price If a currency code and exchange rate are present on the header, then the foreign price will be displayed here. The foreign price can also be entered or changed here, and the actual cost will be recalculated based on the exchange rate.

Total Extension This is the total extended cost for this line item (Received quantity X actual cost).

Li Notes Enter any notes specific to this line item.

Amount Enter the amount.

Expense Acct Enter the expense account number to which the associated amount will be distributed. For items received via a purchase order, this account number is loaded from the PO. For new AP items, if the vendor has a specific account number entered on the VENDOR.E screen, that number is defaulted.

Acct Description This field contains the account description and is for reference only.

Total Amount This is the total of all of the amounts entered on this line item.

Multiline Display Click on this button to display all line items in a summary listing.

Version 8.10.57