# Inventory Control Definitions (INV.CONTROL)

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Form Details
Form Details

The INV.CONTROL procedure is used to define default information which will be used by the inventory entry procedures. Also, it defines locations and General Ledger account numbers used by the Product Costing, Physical and Cycle Inventory portions of the module. The Cycle Count process utilizes the information entered in this screen to assign cycle count dates in the Inventory file.

Frequency of Use
The entries in this procedure must be loaded prior to using any of the other procedures in the Inventory Module. This is usually done as part of setting up the system. The entries may be changed after that time as required.

The inventory locations must have been previously defined in the Inventory Location file ( INVLOC.E ).
The General Ledger account number must have been previously defined in the chart of accounts ( GLCHART.E ).

Version 8.10.57