# Chart of Account Entry (GLCHART.E)

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Form Details
Form Details

The GLCHART.E procedure is used to enter the General Ledger chart of accounts. Any account number required to print on financial reports or which will be used by any module must be entered.

You may flag an account as inactive to prevent it from being used on future transactions. However, if the account is referenced on a CONTROL, INVLOC, MRKCODE, STAX or VENDOR record, you will not be able flag the account as inactive until the account number has been changed on those records. In addtion, transactions that already reference the account number are not affected. It is recommended that you run GLCHART.R2 after flagging an account as inactive. This report will print a listing of inactive accounts that are still posted to open records such as a/p, a/r, s/o, etc. The report will, also, list control or set-up records using the inactive accounts. This important to prevent an inactive account from being used in the future.

Frequency of Use
All account numbers which will be used by the system must be entered prior to their use. Subsequently, account numbers may be added as needed.


Version 8.10.57