# Employee Entry (EMP.E)

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The EMP.E procedure provides for the entry and maintenance of the employee Master file (EMP). The ID to each employee record may be assigned by the user or automatically by the system. Each record defines the employee name, work center and pay rate. This data is used primarily by the labor posting process.

The second tab in the procedure is used to enter personnel information such as address, social security number, birth-date, etc. Given the sensitivity of this information, access to this procedure should be highly restricted. In addition, access to the EMP file via the report writers should be limited to those employees who have access to this procedure. If a user has access to the report writer and access to the EMP file, he/she can view all data in the file even if he/she has not been given access to EMP.E.

Frequency of Use
Employees are usually loaded initially when the system is first installed, with additions being made in the future as required.

Entry of the work center records if they are to be referenced in the employee records ( WC.E ).

Version 8.10.57