# Work Order Traveler Listing (WO.R1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The WO.R1 procedure is used to print work order travelers. The user specifies which work orders are to be printed.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Work Order The number of the work order.
Model The model number of the assembly being built.
Assembly The assembly number of the item being built as defined in the parts master.
Desc The first line of the description of the assembly from the parts master file.
Revision The revision level of the assembly being built.
Quantity The quantity of the assembly being built.
Release The date on which the work order is to be released to kitting.
Required The date on which the assemblies are to be completed.
Customer The name of the customer who ordered the assemblies.
Sales Order The number of the sales order on which the order was posted.
Line Item The line item number on the sales order which calls out the assembly.
Oper The operation numbers assigned to each step in the routing.
Work Center The name of the work center associated to the operation.
Description The description of the operation performed at the work center.
Start Date The date on which activity is to begin at the operation.
Setup Hours The hours required for setup at the operation.
Run Hours The Total hours required to process all of the assemblies through the work center.
Crew size The number of people or machines who will be working concurrently on the assemblies.
Complete Date The date on which processing for all of the assemblies should be completed.

Version 8.10.57