# Work Order Picklist Listing (PICKER.R1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The PICKER.R1 procedure is used to print work order picking lists. The user specifies which picklists are to be printed and whether or not line stock items are to be included on the picking list.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Creation of the picking list through WO.E .

Data Fields

Work Order The number of the work order corresponding to the picklist.
Model The model number of the assembly being built.
Assembly The assembly number of the item being built as defined in the parts master.
Desc The first line of the description of the assembly from the parts master file.
Revision The revision level of the assembly being built.
Quantity The quantity of the assembly being built.
Release The date on which the work order is to be released to kitting.
Required The date on which the assemblies are to be completed.
Customer The name of the customer who ordered the assemblies.
Sales Order The number of the sales order on which the order was posted.
Line Item The line item number on the sales order which calls out the assembly.
LI# The sequential line item number for each item on the picking list.
Part The part number of the component required.
Description The description of the component part.
Ref Des Any reference designator or note information related to the component part.
Qty required The quantity required of the component to complete the total number of assemblies required.
Qty pulled Contains a blank line for the person pulling the kit to indicate the quantity actually pulled, or will contain the word "PHANTOM" if the associated item is a phantom assembly which is not to be pulled, or "BACKFLUSH" if the item will be backflushed and is not to be pulled, or "LINE STOCK" if the item is to be consumed from line stock and not pulled from stock.

Version 8.10.57