# Inventory Data Entry Procedures

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BIN.CONTROL Enter Valid Bin Numbers
BIN.E Enter Inventory Reference Bins
CYCLE.E Enter Cycle Counts
COSTADJ.E Enter Adjustments to Average Cost
INV.CONTROL Enter Inventory Module Controls
INVLOC.E Enter or Modify Inventory Location Definitions
INVREQ.E Inventory Requisition Entry
IT.E Enter Individual Inventory Transactions
IT.E2 Enter Groups of Inventory Transactions
IT.E3 Enter Project Inventory Transactions
IT.E4 Convert Inventory
IT.E5 Inventory Transfer Between Accounts
IT.E6 Convert Part to Lot Control
LOT.E Enter Information for a Lot Number
PHYS.E Enter Physical Counts
PHYS.E2 Modify Individual Physical Tags

Version 8.10.57