# Inventory Update Processes

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ALLOC.P1 Regenerate Inventory Allocations
COMMIT.P1 Regenerate Inventory Commitments
COSTADJ.P1 Purge Inventory Cost Adjustment Records
CYCLE.P1 Create Cycle Inventory Tags
CYCLE.P2 Post Cycle Tags to Inventory
CYCLE.P3 Cancel a Cycle Count in Progress
CYCLE.P4 Purge Cycle Count Records
CYCLE.P5 Delete a Range of Uncounted Cycle Tags
INV.P1 Assign Cycle Dates to Inventory
INV.P2 Reload Transaction History on INV File
INVREG.P1 Purge Inventory Register Records
IT.P1 Purge Inventory Transaction Records
ORDER.P1 Regenerate Inventory On Order
PARTS.P1 Assign ABC Codes to Parts
PHYS.P1 Create Physical Inventory Tags
PHYS.P2 Create Extra Blank Physical Tags
PHYS.P3 Void a Range of Physical Tags
PHYS.P4 Post Physical Tags to Inventory
PHYS.P5 Purge Physical Inventory Records
USAGE.P1 Update Usage Based on Inventory Transactions

Version 8.10.57