# Cycle Count Purge Process (CYCLE.P4)

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Form Details

The CYCLE.P4 procedure is used to purge posted cycle count records from the data base. The criteria used to deterime which records are purged is based on a user defined cut-off date. All cycle records which have a post date that is less than or equal to the cut-off date will be deleted.

Frequency of Use
The frequency with which a purge is performed will vary depending on such factors as available disk space and the amount of on-line history desired. At a minimum purges should be performed on a yearly basis. Purging on a quarterly or even a monthly basis may be desirable if the volume of transactions is fairly high.

It is strongly recommended that a full account backup be performed prior to executing any purge process. It is also recommended that this be a permanent backup so that any records which were purged can be restored at a later date if required.

Version 8.10.57