# Inventory Reports and Inquiries

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ALLOC.R1 Inventory Allocation Listing by Part Number
BARCODE.L1 Print Barcode Data Sheets
COMMIT.R1 Inventory Commitment Listing by Part Number
COSTADJ.R1 Average Cost Adjustment Listing by Date
COSTADJ.R2 Average Cost Adjustment Listing by Part
CYCLE.R1 Print Cycle Count Sheets
CYCLE.R2 Cycle Tag Audit Report
CYCLE.R3 Cycle Tag Cost Variation Listing
CYCLE.R4 Unposted Cycle Tag Report
INV.Q Inventory Inquiry
INV.Q2 Inventory Availability Inquiry by Specs
INV.Q3 Inventory Availability Inquiry by Location
INV.R1 Costed Inventory Listing by Category
INV.R2 Component Availability for an Assembly
INV.R3 Cycle Date Assignment Listing
INV.R4 Component Availability with On Order Data
INV.R6 Summary Costed Inventory Listing
INV.R7 Negative On Hand Inventory Listing
INV.R8 Inventory Listing by Specification
INV.R9 Inventory List by Bin for Bin Controlled Locations
INV.R10 Location Status by Part Number
INV.R11 Negative On Hand Listing per Bin Location
INV.R12 Inventory Listing for Specified Location
INV.R13 Multi-Level Inventory Availability Listing
INV.R14 Inventory Balance as of a Specific Date
INV.R16 Summary Inventory Availability Listing
INV.R17 Available Inventory Listing by Part Number
INVLOC.R1 Inventory Location Listing
INVREG.R1 Inventory Register Listing
INVREQ.F1 Inventory Requisition Printing
INVREQ.R1 Inventory Requisition Listing
IT.Q Inventory Transaction Inquiry
IT.R1 Inventory Transaction Listing for a Date Range
IT.R2 Inventory Transaction Listing for a Part Number
IT.R3 Inventory Transaction Listing for a Location
IT.R4 Inventory Transaction Listing for a Work Order
IT.R5 Inventory Transaction Listing for a Lot Number
IT.R6 Inventory Transaction Listing for a Bin Number
IT.R7 Inventory Transaction Listing for a Batch Number
LOT.R1 Lot Trace Report
LOT.R2 List Lots for a Part Number
LOT.R3 List Lot Expiration Dates
ORDER.R1 On Order Listing by Part Number
PARTS.R2 Parts Listing by ABC Code
PHYS.F1 Print Physical Tags
PHYS.R1 Physical Tag Audit Report
PHYS.R2 Physical Tag Cost Variation Listing
PHYS.R3 Unposted Physical Tag Report
PHYS.R4 Physical Count Listing
PHYS.R5 Uncounted Physical Cost Variation Report
PHYS.R6 Physical Recount Comparison Report
USAGE.R1 Slow Moving Inventory Listing
USAGE.R2 Usage and Projected Months of Stock by Part
USAGE.R3 12 Months Usage by Part Number and Category

Version 8.10.57