# Physical Count Listing (PHYS.R4)

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Form Details
Form Details

PHYS.R4 provides physical inventory count sheets for the purpose of recording counted quantities during a physical inventory. You may specify the locations to be included in the listing and if the current balance is to be printed on the report. If you prefer to print individual tags for each part, use the PHYS.F1 procedure.

Frequency of Use
During physical inventory.

The PHYS.P1 procedure must have been run to generate the physical inventory count records.

Data Fields

Tag The number assigned to the associated part and lot to be counted.
Part Number The part number to be counted.
Description The description of the part.
ABC The ABC code assigned to the part number.
UM The inventory stocking unit of measure.
Balance Shows the current balance of the part number in inventory if designated in the report processing parameters.
Count Qty An underline providing a place for the user to write down the quantity counted of the part.

Version 8.10.57