# Inventory Location Listing (INVLOC.R1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The INVLOC.R1 procedure is used to print a listing of all inventory locations defined in the system.

Frequency of Use
As required.

The inventory locations must have been entered in the INVLOC.E procedure.

Data Fields

Location The name or code of the inventory location.
Description The description as is appears in the Invloc file.
Type The type of inventory location. AD = Adjustment CG = Cost of Goods, SK = Stocking LS = Line Stock MB = Mat'l Review Board PO = Purchasing WO = Work Order SC = Scrap
Phys A flag indicating if this location is a physical location. A 'Y' indicates yes. An 'N' indicates this location is used only to capture costs.
Neg Ok A flag indicating if negative quantities are permitted in inventory for this location.
Account No The General Ledger account number associated with this inventory location.

Version 8.10.57