# Unposted Physical Tag Report (PHYS.R3)

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Form Details
Form Details

The PHYS.R3 procedure is used to print an audit report of all tags which have not yet been posted for a given physical. The report will list all tags by physical date and then in tag number sequence. It is intended to be used to check the status of a physical count and verify that all counted tags have been posted.

Frequency of Use
As required.

The physical counts should have been entered in the PHYS.E procedure.

Data Fields

Tag The tag number associated with the part number in the inventory location to be counted.
Part Number The number of the part counted.
Description The description as is appears in the Parts file.
Invloc The inventory location at which the count occurred.
Phy Date The date on which the part was to be counted.
St The current status of this tag. (N = New, C = Counted, P = Posted)
Count Date The actual date the count occurred for this tag.
Inits The initials of the person who performed the count of this tag.
Count Quantity The quantity counted and entered for this part number at the inventory location.

Version 8.10.57