# Inventory Inquiry (INV.Q)

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Summary Balances
On Order
Usage History
Lot Information

The INV.Q procedure provides an inquiry of the status of inventory by part number. The user may specify a part number or they may enter any of the parts file cross-reference items which include model number, category, and manufacturer part number. If these are entered the system will automatically substitute the corresponding part number, or display a list of possible part numbers which can be chosen. Once a part has been entered the system will display all of the assembly part numbers on which it is referenced.

The information displayed includes the on hand balance and on order for each location, shortage information, usage history, lot information, allocations, commitments and open order information.

There is, also, a tab to display the inventory transaction history for the part number for a selected number of days. In the INV.CONTROL procedure, there is a field that controls how may days of transaction history will be viewed in this procedure. Transactions created prior to that point can still be viewed by running the inventory transaction reports. The inventory transaction reports can be found in the report section of the inventory module and begin with the term IT.R.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Version 8.10.57