# Cycle Count Listing (CYCLE.R1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The CYCLE.R1 procedure is used to print a cycle count sheet of all parts to be counted for a given cycle date. Separate sheets will print for each inventory location to be counted.

Frequency of Use
Normally, cycle listings are printed daily for the parts to be counted.

The CYCLE.P1 procedure must have been run to generate cycle tags for a given cycle date.

Data Fields

Tag The tag number associated with the part number in the inventory location to be counted.
Part Number The number of the part to be counted.
Description The description as is appears in the Parts file.
Balance The inventory balance as it appears in the Inv file.
Count Qty The actual count as logged be the person who performed the cycle count (their name should be logged at the top of this report.

Version 8.10.57