# Component Availability with On Order Data (INV.R4)

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Form Details
Form Details

The INV.R4 procedure is used to produce a report which shows inventory availability for the part numbers specified. The procedure can be used to determine available inventory for either current on-hand balances or for projected on-hand balances from the MRP process. The report can be run for all parts, selected parts, or shortages only.

Frequency of Use
As required.

If the projected inventory balances are to be used, MRP must have been processed.

Data Fields

Li# The line item number of the bill of material record for the associated part number.
Part The part number of each component required.
Description The first line of the description for the part number as it appears on the Parts Master.
On.Hand The total quantity of the part on hand.
Proj.Bal The total quantity of the part which is projected to be on hand for the selected date.
Qty.Req The quantity required of the associated part number to complete the number of units specified for the assembly.
Qty.Short The quantity which would not be available if you pulled a kit for the assembly.
Vendor/ Contact/ Phone The vendor number, contact person and phone number as found on the purchase order.
WO Customer The customer found in the Sales Order referenced in the WO record.
PO/Li# The purchase order and line item number(s) for the part number.
WO# Any open work orders for this part will print under the open PO data.
Due.Date The date on which the purchase and/or work order is due.
Quantity The quantity due as found on the purchase and/or work order.
PO.Line.Notes The line item notes as found on the purchase order.
WO.Line.Notes The first line (or 25 chars) of notes as found on the work order.

Version 8.10.57