# Inventory Transaction Listing for a Batch Number (IT.R7)

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Form Details
Form Details

The IT.R7 procedure is used to create an inventory transaction listing for a specified batch number within a date range. The records included in the report are sorted by transaction date.

The batch number is most commonly assigned by the IT.E4 inventory conversion procedure. All transactions resulting from a single IT.E4 process are assigned a single batch number. This allows the user to see everything that was affected.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Batch numbers must have been assigned to the IT record.

Data Fields

Trans# The number of the inventory transaction.
Date The date on which the inventory transaction was made.
Part.Number The part number for which the transaction was made.
Description The description of the part number as it appears in the Parts file.
Quantity The total quantity of the part moved.
Unit.Cost The unit cost of the parts moved.
Ext.Cost The extended cost of all parts moved.
Frm.Loc The name of the inventory location from which the material was taken.
To.Loc The name of the inventory location to which the material was moved.
Notes The motes which were entered by the person making the movement.

Version 8.10.57