# Update Physical Tags (PHYS.E2)

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Form Details
Form Details

The PHYS.E2 procedure is similar to the PHYS.E procedure in that inventory quantities can be entered for a selected tag. This screen allows entry of one tag at a time, rather that multiple tags as in the PHYS.E process.

Additionally, more fields are available for change, and new tags may be created in this procedure. For this reason, this procedure should be used only be someone with the authority to make such changes and/or additions.

Changes to tags are allowed until they are posted to inventory, at which time no modifications are allowed.

Frequency of Use
This procedure is used when a Physical Inventory is in process.

Initialization of the inventory control record ( INV.CONTROL ) and entry of the required inventory locations and General Ledger account numbers.

Prior to this procedure, the following procedures must have been executed:

  1. Generate Physical Tags ( PHYS.P1 )
  2. Print Phyical Tags ( PHYS.F1 )
Version 8.10.57