# Reference Bin Location Entry (BIN.E)

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The BIN.E procedure is used to enter reference bin locations for a given part at different locations. You may enter one or more bin locations for the part within each inventory location. The purpose of bin locations is to assist the stockroom personnel in finding the location of parts within the warehouse. Bin locations are displayed on the inventory inquiry screen and the work order picking list.

Another way in which bin locations are added to the system is through the inventory transaction procedure ( IT.E ). It allows you to specify the bin location at which the parts were stored after they were moved. An example of this would be when parts are moved from receiving inspection to the stockroom. This avoids the need to enter those bins in this procedure.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Entry of valid inventory locations ( INVLOC.E ) and parts records ( PARTS.E ).

Version 8.10.57