# Purchasing/Receiving Data Entry Procedures

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CONTACT.CONTROL Contact Control Entry
CONTAINER.E Enter Container Receipts
CONTAINER.E2 Container Receipt Confirmation and Price Update
DMR.CONTROL Enter Vendor Rating Parameters
DMR.E Enter or Modify Discrepant Material Records
PO.CONTROL Enter or Modify Purchasing Defaults and Controls
PO.E Enter Purchase Orders
PO.NOTES Enter Pre-defined Purchase Order Notes
POPRICE.E Enter Purchase Price Information
POREQ.E Enter Purchase Requisitions
PTAX.E Enter Purchasing Sales Tax Codes
RECEIPTS.E Enter Receipts Against Purchase Orders
RECEIPTS.E2 Enter Debits Against Existing Receipts
RECEIPTS.E3 Reverse Existing Receipts Records
TERMS.E Enter Payment Terms Codes
VENDOR.E Enter Vendor Information

Version 8.10.57