# Receipts Entry (RECEIPTS.E)

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Line Items

The RECEIPTS.E procedure provides the ability to post receipts against purchase orders. The operator enters the number of the purchase order to be received, the receipt date, and the packing slip number. The system automatically loads all of the line items from the purchase order onto the screen so that all the user must do is enter the quantity received for the applicable line items. The receipt is set to status "N" upon initial entry. When the receipt is changed to status "R", all of the items without a quantity entered are removed and inventory transactions are created for the remaining inventory items.

When a quantity is entered for a line item, if that line item part number is a phantom part and the "explode phantoms" option has been entered on the purchase order, then that line item will have it's component parts loaded into the second tab of RECEIPTS.E. Any necessary bin numbers or lot numbers must be entered on the component parts and the inventory transactions will be done for the component parts, not the phantom.

A receipt record can be modified or deleted using RECEIPTS.E while it is in a "N"ew status, but after the inventory has been updated, if an entry was made in error it can be reversed using RECEIPTS.E3 .

Frequency of Use
As required.

Entry of the purchase order to be received ( PO.E ).

Version 8.10.57