# Accounts Receivable Reports and Inquiries

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AR.F1 Print Invoice Forms (Pre-Printed)
AR.F2 Print Invoice Forms (Blank Paper)
AR.F3 Print Customer Statements
AR.F4 Print Invoice Forms (PDF)
AR.F5 Print Customer Statements (PDF)
AR.Q AR Collections Inquiry
AR.R1 Invoice Register
AR.R2 Items on Hold
AR.R3 Aging Report
AR.R4 Items Due by a Specified Date
AR.R5 Customer Activity Listing
AR.R6 Invoice Register by Customer
AR.R7 Invoice Register by State
AR.R8 Invoice Account Distribution Listing
AR.R9 AR Invoice Cash Type Listing
AR.R10 AR Collection Report
ARR.R1 Recurring AR Record Listing
ARREG.R1 Register Listing
ARREG.R2 Register Listing for a Specified Record
ARTAX.R1 List ARTAX Records by Sales Tax Code
ARTAX.R2 List ARTAX Records for a Specified Record
CASH.F1 Cash Deposit Slip Form
CASH.R1 Cash Receipts Listing
CASH.R2 Cash Deposit Report by Date
CASH.R3 Cash Deposit Report by Deposit ID
CASH.R4 Cash Receipts Listing by Customer
CASH.R5 Summary Year to Date Cash Report by Customer
CASH.R6 Cash Write-Off Report
CCTRANS.R1 Credit Card Transaction Report
CUST.Q Customer Inquiry
CUST.R1 Customer Listing
CUST.R3 Customer Credit Hold Listing
CUST.R4 Summary Customer Credit Listing
LASER.L1 Print File or Adress Labels
STAX.R1 Sales Tax Code Listing
TERMS.R1 Terms Listing

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