# Summary Customer Credit Listing (CUST.R4)

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Form Details
Form Details

The CUST.R4 report is used to provide a quick review of the credit status of your customers. The report will tell you which customers are on credit hold, what their credit limit and open balances are along with their average pay days.

You have multiple selection options when running this report. For example, you can limit the report to customers with past due invoices so you can receive a listing of customers to contact for payment status. You can, also, limit the report to only customers with an open balance (A/R or sales order). You can exclude customers on credit hold or only include customers on credit hold.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Cust# The number assigned to the customer record.
Name The name of the customer.
Start Date The date this customer started doing business with your company. This date will only appear on the report if it was entered in the CUST.E procedure.
Credit Hold A "Y" will appear in this column if the customer was placed on credit hold in CUST.E .
Credit Limit The credit or dollar limit that was given to this
A/R Balance The current open invoice amount for this
Order Balance The current sales order balance for this customer.
Day Limit The number of days you consider an invoice past due. This field can be set by customer in CUST.E . If no entry is made in CUST.E , the report will use the past due days field in AR.CONTROL .
Invoices Past Due The number of invoices that are past due based on the entry made into the day limit/past due days field.
Avg Pay Days The average pay days for this customer.

Version 8.10.57