# A/R Statements (AR.F3)

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Form Details
Form Details

The AR.F3 procedure is used to print customer statements on blank paper. The statement of account is intended to give the customer a complete presentation of their current account balance as of a selected cut-off date. Invoices and credits applied after this date will not appear on the statement.

Frequency of Use
As required.

The aging periods must be established in the AR.CONTROL record.

Data Fields

Statement Date The cut-off date selected for the statement run.
Account Number The customer number for which the statement is being printed.
Reference The AR item number.
Type The type of AR item. (Cr Memo, Invoice, On Acct)
Ref Date The date of the AR item.
Due Date The date on which the AR item was due for payment.
Open Amount The open balance of the associated AR item.
Cumm Balance The cummulative balance of all the AR items through the item on the associated line.
Aging The total amount due, aged over the periods as defined in the AR.CONTROL record.
Total Due The total due of all items appearing on the statement.

Version 8.10.57