# Customer List by Name (CUST.R1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The CUST.R1 procedure is used to report customers currently in the CUST file. You have the option to include or exclude inactive customers in the report

You, also, have the ability to limit the report to customers with sales transactions in a certain date range or for a certain dollar amount. This can be helpful when exporting the data for purposes of creating a mass mailing, etc. and you only want to include your most active customers in the the process.

This report lists in customer name sequence.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Cust# The number assigned to the customer record.
Name The name of the customer.
Address The address of the customer, including street address, city, state and zip code.
Telephone The telephone number of the customer. Depending upon how it was entered, this may include the area code.
FAX The fascimille (FAX) number of the customer.
Contact The name of the person considered the primary contact for the customer.
Code The user defined customer code assigned to this customer.
Notes The free-form notes which are pertinent to this customer.

Version 8.10.57