# Cash Deposit Slip Form (CASH.F1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The CASH.F1 procedure is used to print a cash deposit slip form that can be submitted to the bank along with the checks. A separate slip will print for each deposit id within a given account number, if a specific account number is selected. The user has the option to sort the entries by bank number or by cash record ID.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Entry of the bank name and number in the accounting control procedure ( ACCT.CONTROL ). If this data has not been entered in acct.control , it will have to be manually entered on the deposit slip form. A deposit.id must be entered on cash transactions created via cash.e and cash.e3 .

Data Fields

Company Name The name of the company as defined in the co.control procedure.
Bank Name The name of the bank as entered in acct.control .
Bank Account The bank account as defined in acct.control .
Deposit Slip Id The deposit slip id as entered in cash.e or cash.e3 .
Bank No The customer's bank id/number as entered in cash.e or cash.e3 .
Check Amount The amount of the check.
Cash Number The id number assigned by the system to the cash transaction record. The following two fields plus this one will only print on the report if the deposit.only field is not checked.
Check Number The customer's check number.
Deposit Slip The deposit slip.

Version 8.10.57