# Accounts Payable Reports and Inquiries

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AP.F3 AP Debit EForm
AP.R1 Items Awaiting Invoicing
AP.R2 Items on Hold
AP.R3 Aging Report
AP.R4 Vendor Activity Listing
AP.R5 Items to be Paid through a Specified Date
AP.R7 Invoice Register
AP.R8 Invoice Listing for a Batch Number
AP.R9 Accounts Payable Accrual Listing
AP.R10 Accounts Payable Distribution Listing
AP.R11 Cash Requirements Report
AP.R12 Purchase Price Variance Report
AP.R13 Billed Freight Variance Report
AP.R14 AP Related Items Report
APR.R1 Recurring AP Record Listing
APR.R2 A/P Recurring Items Set to Expire
APREG.R1 Register Listing by Account Number
APREG.R2 Register Listing for a Specified Record
AP1099.F1 Vendor/Rep 1099-Misc Forms (Continuous)
AP1099.F2 Vendor/Rep 1099-Misc Laser Forms
AP1099.F3 Vendor/Rep 1099-Interest Form
AP1099.F4 Vendor/Rep 1096 Annual Summary Form
AP1099.R1 Vendor/Rep 1099 Listing
CHECKS.F1 Print Checks
CHECKS.F2 Print Pre-printed Laser Checks
CHECKS.F3 Print Commission Checks
CHECKS.F4 Print Laser Commission Checks
CHECKS.F5 Print Blank Stock Laser Checks
CHECKS.F6 Print Electronic Payment Advice Notification
CHECKS.R1 Check Register
CHECKS.R2 Check Listing by Vendor
CHECKS.R3 Voided Checks
CHECKS.R4 Stop Pay Checks
CHECKS.R5 Un-Cleared Checks
CHECKS.R6 Cleared Checks
CHECKS.R7 List Checks for a Precheck Run
CHECKS.R8 Checks Distribution Listing
CHECKS.R9 Open Debit A/P Prepayment Checks
COMM.R5 Commission Payment Report
LASER.L1 Print File or Address Labels
PRECHECKS.R1 Prechecks Listing by Run Number
PRECOMM.R1 Commission Prechecks Listing by Run#
TERMS.R1 Terms Listing
VENDOR.Q Vendor Inquiry
VENDOR.R1 Vendor Listing
VENDOR.R4 Vendor Activity Report

Version 8.10.57