# A/P Precheck Processing Report (AP.R5)

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Form Details
Form Details

This will print a detail list of all AP item due for payment as of a selected date. This is intended to be a pre-processing audit report for the computer generated checks, meaning that it shows the user what the system would pay if the check processing were executed with the same date. If items appear on this report which you do not wish to pay, use the AP.E process to change the date to pay. A cutoff date is prompted when running this report. All items due for payment on or before that date will be printed.

Frequency of Use
When using the computer generated checks, this should be run immediately prior.

AP items must be on file with a date to pay entered.

Data Fields

Vend# The vendor number who will be receiving payment.
Vendor.Name The name of the vendor as it appears in the Vendor file.
APid The item in the AP file to be processed. This could be either invoices, debit memos or a combination.
Invoice# The vendor invoice number as it appears in the AP file.
Inv.Date The invoice date as is appears in the AP file.
Pay.Date The date to pay as it appears in the AP file.
Amt.To.Pay The amount of the AP item which is to be paid. This is a user controlled field in the AP file, and can be changed to make payments as required.
Disc.Date This is the date through which a discount is allowed, if allowed by the terms negotiated with the vendor.
Disc.Amount The amount of discount which is to be taken.
Net.Check.Amt The total amount of the check to be written to the vendor.

Version 8.10.57