# A/P Register Listing for a Specified Record (APREG.R2)

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Form Details
Form Details

The APREG.R2 procedure is used to print a listing of all Accounts Payable register transactions for a selected record, such as an AP or CHECKS record.

Frequency of Use
This report should be run as a check of all transactions which have been created for a specific record. It can be run as required to audit the activity of a record.

Accounts Payable register transactions are created automatically by the system through the AP.E , CHECKS.E and APR.P1 procedures.

Data Fields

Acct Number The General Ledger account number.
Acct Description The description as is appears in the Glchart file.
Reg Id The record id of the APREG entry.
Date The date for which the register entry was made.
Amount The total amount of the register record.
Procedure The procedure which caused this register record to occur (e.g. AP.E , CHECKS.E , etc.).
Record Id The record id which caused this register record to occur (e.g. AP id, Check number, etc.).

Version 8.10.57