# A/P Prechecks Listing by Run# (PRECHECKS.R1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The PRECHECKS.R1 procedure is used to print a listing of all records in the Prechecks file for a selected check run number. The report is intended to be an audit report prior to actually printing checks.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Run# The check run number of which this record is a part.
Preck# The record ID of the item in the PRECHECKS file.
Vend# The vendor number.
Vendor.Name The name of the vendor as it appears in the Vendor file.
Check# The actual check number. This will only exist if the checks have already be printed. Until then, this field field will be empty.
Chk.Date The date of the check.
Check.Amount The total amount of the check.
Disc.Amount The amount of discount taken on the check.
APids The accounts payable records against which this check are being processed.
AP.Amounts The amount of each accounts payable record.
AP.Disc.Amts The amount of discount being taken on each accounts payable record.
St The current status of the check record. (P = posted, other codes are user-defined)

Version 8.10.57