# A/P Items Awaiting Invoicing (AP.R1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The AP.R1 procedure is used to create a listing of all A/P items which are in the AP file, but which have not yet been invoiced. The report will select all A/P items which do not have an invoice number present. The records which will normally qualify for this report have been created through the receiving process.

A cutoff date is prompted when running this report. All items received through the Receiving process through the date entered will be selected for this report. Leaving the cutoff date null assumes you wish to print all accrual items.

This is not a balancing report to be used in reconciling the General Ledger. It looks only at the current state of the accounts payable file. For balancing the accrual account, use the AP.R9 report.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Apid The record ID of the item in the AP file.
Vend# The vendor number.
Vendor.Name The name of the vendor as it appears in the Vendor file.
Rec.Date The date on which the receipt was processed.
Li# The line items number(s) on the AP record.
Part.Number The part number corresponding to each line number. This may be blank for non-inventory parts.
Part.Description The description corresponding to the part number. This comes either from the Parts file, or as entered from the PO record, if different.
Rec.Qty The quantity of the part number which was received on the corresponding line item.
Ext.Cost The total extended cost of the line item.

Version 8.10.57