# General Ledger Reports and Inquiries

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AP.R9 Accounts Payable Accrual Listing
APREG.R1 AP Register Listing
ARREG.R1 AR Register Listing
CONTROL.R1 Control Record G/L Account Listing
GLBAL.Q GL Account Inquiry
GLBAL.R1 Print a Trial Balance
GLBAL.R2 Print a Detailed General Ledger Report
GLBAL.R3 Print Budgets for a Fiscal Year
GLBAL.R4 Balance Report by Account Group
GLBAL.R5 Account Balance Listing
GLCHART.R1 List the Chart of Accounts
GLCHART.R2 Inactive G/L Accounts in Use Report
GLCHART.R3 Account Numbers Missing from GLRPT
GLRECUR.R1 List Recurring Entries
GLRPT.R1 List Financial Report Frameworks
GLRPT.R2 Print a Financial Report
GLTRANS.R1 List Journal Entries for a Period
GLTRANS.R2 List Un-posted Journal Entries
GLTRANS.R3 List Journal Entries for a Selected Account Number
GLTRANS.R4 List Journal Entries for a Number Range
INVREG.R1 Inventory Register Listing
RECON.Q Bank Register Query Screen
RECON.R1 Bank Statement Reconciliation Listing
REG.R1 List Register Activity for a Record
REG.R2 Register Listing for a Specific Journal Entry
REG.R3 Unposted Register Listing for All Register Files
REG.R4 Register Listing for by Account Number
WOREG.R1 Work Order Register Listing

Version 8.10.57