# Sales and Marketing Reports and Inquiries

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COMM.R1 Commission Listing by Rep
COMM.R2 Commission Statement by Rep
COMM.R3 Open Commission Listing by Rep
COMM.R4 Commissions Eligible for Payment by Rep
CPRICE.R1 Contract Price Listing by Date
CUST.Q Customer Inquiry
CUST.R1 Customer List by Name
CUST.R2 Customer List by Rep
CUST.R4 Summary Customer Credit Listing
DD250.F1 Print DD250 Form
FAIL.R1 MTBF Observed Report
FAIL.R2 Failure Statistics Report
LASER.L1 Print File or Adress Labels
LOSTSALE.R1 Lost Sale Report by Reason Code
MSHIP.F1 Print Misc Ship Packing Slip (PDF)
PRICE.R1 Price List by Part Number
PRICE.R2 Part Configuration Price Breakdown
PRICE.R3 Horizontal Price Listing
PROSPECT.R1 Prospect Listing by Name
PROSPECT.R2 Prospect Listing by Rep
PROSPECT.R3 Prospect Listing by Campaign Date Range
PROSPECT.R4 Prospect Listing by Cutoff Date
PROSPECT.R5 Prospect Pipeline Report
PSO.R1 Sales Order Listing by Part Number by Status
PSO.R2 Sales Order Listing by Customer by Status
PSO.R4 Point of Sales Transaction Report by Payment Type
QUOTE.F1 Sales Order Quote Printing
QUOTE.R1 Quote Listing by Date
QUOTE.R2 Quote Listing by Customer
QUOTE.R3 Quote Listing by Prospect
QUOTE.R4 Quote Listing by Part Number
REP.R1 Sales Rep Listing by Name
RMA.F1 Print RMA Forms (Pre-printed)
RMA.F2 Print RMA Forms (Blank Paper)
RMA.F3 Print RMA Forms (PDF)
RMA.R1 RMAs Not Received
RMA.R3 RMA Listing by Date
RMA.R4 RMA Listing by Customer
RMA.R5 RMAs Not Received by Customer
RMA.R6 RMA History Report
RMA.R7 RMA Report with Failure Data
RMAREC.F1 RMA Receipt Confirmation EForm
RMAREC.R1 RMA Receipt Traveler
RMAREC.R2 RMA Receipts Traveler (Multi-line)
RMAREC.R3 RMA Receipts Listing by Date
RMAREC.R4 RMA Receipts Not Confirmed
RMAREC.R5 RMA Receipts Confirmed But Not Posted
RMAREC.R6 RMA Receipt Report with Failure Data
ROUTESHIP.F1 Print Shipment Delivery Route
SALES.Q Sales Analysis Inquiry
SALES.R1 Sales Listing by Part or Model
SALES.R2 Summary Sales Listing by Part or Model
SALES.R3 Sales Listing by Rep
SALES.R4 Summary Sales Listing by Rep
SALES.R5 Sales Listing by Customer
SALES.R6 Summary Sales Listing by Customer
SALES.R7 Sales Listing by Date
SALES.R8 Summary Sales Listing by Date
SALES.R9 Sales Revenue by Period
SALES.R10 Sales Listing by Model
SALES.R11 Customer Sales by Dollar Value
SALES.R12 Summary Sales and Backlog by Rep and Customer
SALES.R13 Sales Profitability by Category
SALES.R14 Summary Sales by Customer Code
SALES.R15 Sales by Customer by Part
SALES.R16 Sales by Category by Part
SALES.R17 Forecast to Sales Comparison
SALES.R18 Sales by Customer by Descending Amount
SALES.R19 Customer Sales by State
SALES.R20 Sales by Rep by Descending Amount
SALES.R21 Rep Sales by State by Customer
SALES.R22 Rep Sales by State by Descending Customer Amount
SALES.R23 Net Sales Revenue by Period by Customer
SALES.R24 Sales by Rep by Category
SALES.R25 Sales by Part by Descending Amount
SALES.R26 Customer Sales Report with Cost Break-Down
SALES.R27 Net Sales Revenue by Period by Customer by Part
SALES.R28 Sales by Rep by Part
SALES.R29 Part Category Sales by State
SALES.R30 Net Sales Revenue by Period by Rep
SALES.R31 Summary Customer Sales Report by Year
SALES.R32 Sales by Marketing Code
SERIAL.R1 Serial Number Listing by Part Number
SHIP.F1 Print Invoice Forms (Pre-printed)
SHIP.F2 Print Invoice Forms (Blank Paper)
SHIP.F3 Print Packing Slip Forms (Pre-printed)
SHIP.F4 Print Packing Slip Forms (Blank Paper)
SHIP.F5 Print Invoice Forms (PDF)
SHIP.F6 Print Packing Slip Forms (PDF)
SHIP.F7 Print Proforma Invoice (PDF)
SHIP.F8 Bill of Lading EForm Printing
SHIP.F9 Shipment Certificate of Origin
SHIP.L1 Print Shipment Labels
SHIP.R1 Shipping Pick List
SHIP.R2 Shipments Not Confirmed
SHIP.R3 Confirmed Shipments Not Posted
SHIP.R4 Shipments Listing by Date
SHIP.R5 Shipments Listing by Date for a Customer/Part
SHIP.R6 Shipment Delivery Performance
SHIP.R7 Shipment Delivery Performance by Part Number
SHIP.R8 Freight Variance
SO.F1 Print Sales Order Forms (Pre-printed)
SO.F2 Print Sales Order Forms (Blank Paper)
SO.F3 Print Sales Order E-Form (PDF forms)
SO.Q Sales Order Inquiry
SO.R1 Open Sales Orders by Part or Model
SO.R2 Sales Orders On Hold
SO.R3 Open Sales Orders by Customer
SO.R4 Past Due Sales Orders by Part or Model
SO.R5 Past Due Sales Orders by Customer
SO.R6 Sales Order History by Part or Model
SO.R7 Sales Order History by Customer
SO.R8 Sales Order Backlog by Period
SO.R9 Sales Order Activity Listing
SO.R10 Sales Orders Available to Ship
SO.R11 Open Sales Orders with Customer Required Date
SO.R12 Sales Order Backlog by Date by Customer
SO.R13 Open Sales Orders by Schedule Date
SO.R14 Purchase Order Receipts for a Sales Order
SO.R15 Past Due Sales Orders by Customer with WO Data
SO.R16 Duplicate Customer Purchase Order Report
SO.R17 SO Pick List
SOBOOK.R1 Sales Order Bookings by Part or Model
SOBOOK.R2 Summary Sales Order Bookings by Part or Model
SOBOOK.R3 Sales Order Bookings by Rep
SOBOOK.R4 Summary Sales Order Bookings by Rep
SOBOOK.R5 Sales Order Bookings by Customer
SOBOOK.R6 Summary Sales Order Bookings by Customer
SOBOOK.R7 Sales Order Bookings by Date
SOBOOK.R8 Summary Sales Order Bookings by Date
SOBOOK.R9 Sales Order Bookings by Period
SOQUOTE.F1 Print Sales Order Quotations
SOQUOTE.F2 Print Sales Order eForm Quotations
SOQUOTE.R1 Sales Order Quote Listing by Date
SOQUOTE.R2 Sales Order Quote Listing by Expiration Date
SOQUOTE.R3 Sales Order Quote Listing by Customer
SOQUOTE.R4 Sales Order Quote Listing by Prospect
SOQUOTE.R5 Sales Order Quote by Rep
STAX.R1 Sales Tax Code Listing
WARR.R1 Warranty Listing

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