# RMA Receipt Confirmation EForm (RMAREC.F1)

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Form Details
Form Details

The RMAREC.F1 procedure is used to print RMA confirmation documents on plain paper with a PDF background. The intent of this document is to provide the customer information about the RMA receipt and any credits and/or repair charges.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Entry of the selected RMAREC records ( RMAREC.E or RMAREC.E2 ).

Data Fields

PO Number The customer purchase order number associated with the shipment.
Invoice No The invoice number assigned to the shipment.
RMA No The RMA number which is has been assigned.
Status The status of the RMA.
Date The date on which the material was received.
Page The page number.
Bill To The name and address of the customer to whom the credit is being issued.
Ship To The name and address of the location from which the items weere received.
Representative The name of the sales rep associated with the RMA.
Terms The terms of payment which apply to the invoice.
Contact The name of the person at the customer to be contacted on matters regarding the RMA.
Phone The telephone number of the customer.
Ship Via The method of RMA (carrier) used in sending the items.
F.O.B. The location at which responsibility for the materials shipped passes from the customer to you.
Item The line item numbers.
Part Number The part number of the item returned.
Description The description of the item returned.
Notes Contains all notes associated with the RMA.
UM The unit of measure in which the materials are being priced and delivered.
Date The dates on which the associated items were returned.
Quantity The quantity returned on the associated date.
Unit Price The credit amount for each unit of the associated items.
Ext Price The result of multiplying the quantity returned by the unit price.

Version 8.10.57