# Sales Quote EForm Printing (SOQUOTE.F2)

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Form Details
Form Details

The SOQUOTE.F2 procedure is used to print sales quotes using a PDF form layout.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Entry of the selected SOQUOTE records ( SOQUOTE.E ).

Data Fields

Quote # The number assigned to the sales quote.
Date The date on which the quote was issued.
Valid Thru The date through which the quote is valid.
Prospect The number of the prospect (if present).
Customer The number of the customer (if present).
Page The page number.
Representative The name of the sales rep associated with the quote.
Contact The name of the person at the customer to be contacted on matters regarding the quote.
Phone The telephone number of the contact.
Item The line item numbers.
Description The part number and/or description of the item(s) being quoted.
Quantity The quantity being quoted.
Unit Price The amount quoted for each unit of the associated items.
Ext Price The result of multiplying the quantity by the unit price.

Version 8.10.57