# Sales by Category (SALES.R13)

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Form Details
Form Details

This report provides information about the profitability of product categories. The user specifies a date range to be listed and may optionally limit the report to include only certain categories. All of the sales made within the period are listed in category sequence and show the customer and part number sold. Subtotals are printed after each category. An option to print a summary version of the report is also available.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Cat The category assigned to product sold.
Cust# The number of the customer to whom the product was sold.
Name The customer name.
Ship/RMA# The shipment or RMA number associated with the sale or return.
Date The date of the shipment or return.
Part Number The part number sold.
Ext Price The extended price of the product.
Ext Cost The extended cost of the product.
Gross Margin The difference between the extended price and cost (Ext Price

  • Ext Cost)
    Pct The difference between the extended price and cost stated as a percentage.
Version 8.10.57