# Failure Statistics Report (FAIL.R2)

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Form Details
Form Details

The FAIL.R2 procedure provides a listing of the failures reported for returned products broken down by the failure codes defined in the FAIL.CONTROL procedure. The product groups which may be listed are defined in the MTBF.CONTROL procedure. You may elect to list a single product group or a combination of all groups.

The report will list the number of failures reported for any given failure code as well as the percentage it represents of all other failures. If you choose to print only one product group the percentages are based upon the number of returns for that product group only, not a percentage of all products. It should also be noted that the percentages are unlikely to total to 100 percent since the RMA procedure allows the entry of multiple failure codes for a single return.

Frequency of Use
As required.

The product groups in the MTBF.CONTROL procedure must be defined, and the failure codes must be defined in the FAIL.CONTROL procedure. FAIL.R1 must have been run to summarize the failure statistics from RMA reocrds.

Data Fields

Fail Code The failure code as defined in FAIL.CONTROL .
Description The description of the associated failure code.
Quantity Failed The number of units which were assigned with the failure code.
Percentage of Failures The percentage of all units returned which were assigned the failure code.

Version 8.10.57