# Commissions Eligible for Payment by Rep (COMM.R4)

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Form Details
Form Details

The COMM.R4 procedure is used to list all commission records with an open amount that is eligible to be paid. An item is eligible to be paid if the associated invoiceis greater than zero and has been paid partially or in full. If the associated invoice amount is less than zero, the item is eligible for payment immediately. You may select a specific rep to report against or you may choose to include all reps. If all reps are chosen the report is listed in rep name sequence with the section for each rep printed on a separate page.

Frequency of Use
As required.


Data Fields

Comm.ID The ID of the commission record.
Date The date on which the commission record was posted.
Invoice# The number of the invoice associated with the commission record.
Customer The name of the customer on the associated invoice.
Gross Sales The extended sales price if the item upon which the commission is based.
Order% The percentage of the gross sales amount for which the sales rep is given credit.
Comm% The commission percentage used to calculate the amount of commission to be paid to the sales rep.
Comm Amt The commission amount to be paid to the sales rep. This amount is calculated as follows... Comm Amt = (Gross Sales x Order%) x Comm% Note: The Order% and Comm% must first be divided by 100 to obtain a percentage.
Eligible The portion of the commission which is eligible for payment.
Amt.Paid The total amount paid against the commission record.
Amt.To.Pay The portion of the eligible amount which has not been paid (Eligible - Amt.Paid).

Version 8.10.57