# Client Setup

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Rover ERP is accessed through a program that must be installed on each client computer.

You can find the latest client installer here (opens new window)

Download the client linked above and extract it. Double click on setup.

# Installing the Rover Client

# Select Installation Folder

Use the default installation path and select Everyone

Select Installation Folder

# Login Prompts - Defaults

You will need to use the settings provided to you by our team.

Login Prompts - Defaults

# Login Prompts - Visiblilty

These settings determine whether or not you want to give your users the option to change the defaults set above.

It is generally recommended to have all of these options UNCHECKED.

Login Prompts - Visiblilty

# Confirm Installation

Press Next to begin the installation.

Confirm Installation

# Installation Complete

Success! The client is now installed on your system. There should be a new icon on your desktop.

Installation Complete

Desktop Icon

# Running the Client

Double click the icon pictured above and you will be met with your configured login screen.

Login Prompt