# Sales and Marketing Data Entry Procedures

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CAMPAIGN.E Marketing Campaign Entry
CC.CONTROL Credit Card Control
COMM.E Enter Commission Records
CONTACT.CONTROL Contact Control Entry
CONTACT.E Contact Entry
COUPON.E Coupon Entry
CPRICE.E Contract Pricing Entry
CURRENCY.CONTROL Currency Exchange Rate Table
CUST.E Enter Customer Information
DD250.E Enter DD250 Form Data
FAIL.CONTROL Define RMA Failure Codes
GROUP.CONTROL Define Valid Marketing Groups
LOSTSALE.CONTROL Lost Sale Control Entry Procedure
LOSTSALE.E Lost Sale Entry Procedure
MRK.CONTROL Enter Marketing Module Controls and Defaults
MRKCODE.E Enter Marketing Codes
MSHIP.E Enter Miscellaneous Shipments
MTBF.CONTROL Enter MTBF Control Parameters
PRICE.CONTROL Price Code Definition
PRICE.E Enter Part Prices
PRICE.E2 Enter Part Prices by Customer Code
PROSPECT.CONTROL Define Prospect Controls
PROSPECT.E Enter Prospects
QUOTE.CONTROL Enter Quote Controls and Defaults
QUOTE.E Enter Quotes
PSO.E Enter Point of Sale Orders
REBATE.CONTROL Rebate Control Table
REP.CONTROL Rep Control Entry Screen
REP.E Enter Sales Reps
RMA.E Enter Return Material Authorizations
RMAREC.E Enter RMA Receipts
RMAREC.E2 Enter/Confirm RMA Receipts
RMAREC.E3 Reverse Posted RMA Receipts
RMAREC.E4 Update Failure Information on RMA Receipts
ROUTE.E Enter Master Delivery Routes
ROUTESHIP.E Enter Shipment Delivery Routes
SALEOPP.CONTROL Define Sales Opportunity Defaults
SALEOPP.E Sales Opportunity Entry
SERIAL.E Update Serial Number Information
SHIP.CONTROL Define Valid Ship Methods
SHIP.E Enter Shipments
SHIP.E2 Enter/Confirm Shipments
SHIP.E3 Reverse Posted Shipments
SHIP.E4 Accounting Approval of Shipments
SHIP.E5 Scan Shipment Entry
SHIP.E6 Shipment Line Item Reversal Entry
SO.E Enter Sales Orders
SO.E2 Sales Order Accounting Release
SO.NOTES Enter Pre-defined Sales Order Notes
SOQUOTE.E Enter Sales Order Quotes
STATE.CONTROL State Code Definition
STAX.CONTROL Sales Tax Control
WARR.E Enter Warranty Information
WEBCART.E Release Web Orders
WEBSO.CONTROL Auto SO from WEB Site Control Parameters

Version 8.10.57