# Quote Entry (QUOTE.E)

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Form Details
Detail Costs
Material Cost
Labor Cost

The QUOTE.E procedure is used to enter new sales orders quotations into the system and to change existing quotations. The procedure consists of four screens. The first contains header information such as customer, prospect, sales rep and status code, as well as information about what is being quoted, such as part number and quantity breaks (if required). Screen 2 contains all of the sum- arized cost information from all of the detail on the other screens. Screen 3 contains the material costs, effectively displaying a bill of material for the part being quoted. Screen 4 allows the user to assign a series of steps (i.e. routing) in order to define the labor cost requirements.

This procedure allows the user to create customers, prospects, bills of material and routings, if desired, when the quote is approved and filed.

Frequency of Use
As required.

Initialization of the marketing control record ( MRK.CONTROL ) and the entry of the rep records to be referenced. When the quote is "author- ized", the component material must be present in the Parts file. Similarily, the routing steps must be identified in the Routing file.

Version 8.10.57