# Quote Entry (QUOTE.E)

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# Labor Cost

Quote# The quote number is displayed here for reference.

Customer Name The customer name is shown here for reference.

Load If you wish to load (or reload) a routing from the master ROUTING file, enter that number here.

Std.Lot Enter the standard lot size to use for this routing.

Oper Enter the operation (line item) number for each step of the routing.

Wk.Ctr Enter the work center for the associated step on the routing.

Skill Code Select the skill code, if any, required to perform this operation.

Labor Desc The description of the work center, as read from the WC file. This description may be changed as required.

Setup The setup hours for this step in the routing.

Run The run hours for this work center.

Pre.Op The number of preoperation hours required at the associated work center.

Post.Op Enter the number of post operation hours for the associated work center.

Crew Enter the crew size to be used at this step in the routing.

Version 8.10.57