# Quote Entry (QUOTE.E)

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# Material Cost

Quote# The quote number is displayed here for reference.

Customer Name The customer name is shown here for reference.

Load If you wish to load (or reload) the bill of material information on this screen from the BOM file, enter the BOM number to load.

Line Enter the line item of the bill of material being entered.

Part.Number Enter the component part number.

Item Desc Enter the decription of the component material being used on this line. This field is originally loaded from the Parts file and may be changed as needed.

Code The part type code. This field is originally defaulted from the Parts file.

Qty The quantity of the component item needed to build the item being quoted.

Cost The unit cost of the component item. This cost is either standard or actual, depending upon how the QUOTE.CONTROL record has been set up.

Total Cost The total material cost of the component items.

Version 8.10.57