# Credit Card Control (CC.CONTROL)

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Form Details
Form Details

This control procedure is used to define the settings used for automated credit card processing. You select one of the credit card processing gateway providers in the "Service Provider" field and enter the "Merchant Id" that they have assigned to you. Depending on the provider selected, you will also need to enter some combination of "Password", "URL", "Digital Key Path", and "API Version". (See the individual field helps to determine which fields apply).

You also specify which types of credit card you will accept, users who are allowed to see the numbers of stored cards, and if card keys, provided by the gateway, are to be stored instead of the actual credit card numbers.

Note: You will also need to associate credit card types with the general ledger account numbers in the MRK.CONTROL procedure.

Frequency of Use
At system setup or when the gateway provider is changed.

Setup an account with the gateway provider and obtain the required credentials.

Version 8.10.57